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A vision of natural beauty at its finest

You finally breathe fresh air and your skin & hair are so grateful! You’ll get in touch with a feeling of balance in your skin, but you will also finally understand what it really means to feel beautiful, with the power and attention put in every component that is a part of our formulas. Soon after introducing the Pearly collection to the world of self-care, the new potential was born, and so was the Golden shimmery collection. This new collection has 24k gold as its base, enrichened with magical kumkumadi oil - a mix of 26 different herbs.

There is more to it


Oxygen is the main character in this story.
With oxygen, we make sure every need of your skin&hair is met!
Hyaluron and collagen are the two most important parties that share no2 spots when we talk components.
Renewal and food for your cell's wellbeing.
Finally, last but not least - PEARLY DUST.
Most powerful ingredient when it comes to erasing track of time off of the skin, and the last piece of this gorgeous nourishment puzzle.
With new collection came new components, along with 24k gold and kumkumadi oil.


Place where we didn't put much thought.
It had to be at the highest possible level and swiss quality was the answer!
Every piece of the formula puzzle was chosen wisely and carefully, with the best interest of skin&hair in mind.


What does your skin&hair best version look like?
For sure it includes hydration, natural shine, an overall healthy look, and feeling of a Goddess-like beauty inside and out. Our mission is to combine formulas that give you just that, and a little bit beyond. Luxurious but natural and fresh feeling in a bottle of your daily care.