You need a good foundation for nourishment if you want flawless skin and if you are reading this you are in luck because we researched and researched and found the perfect formula. It was in front of us all along and now we are revealing it to you - ACTIVE OXYGEN

Active oxygen is a component that gives us the perfect step no.1 when it comes to self-care. It opens up the pores, allowing cells to absorb the full potential of the product that comes next. For example, you want your skin to be moisturized and well fed during the night so you can wake up glowing.

Yes, the moisturizer you use needs to be good, and yes, some under eye cream couldn't hurt, but if you spray your face with some active oxygen right after cleaning it, the difference you'll notice will put active oxygen on the top of your fav product list!

Soo when we say dual, what we mean is, you’ll enhance your everyday care routine with one step added to the beginning, and because of that one step, you will glow!


As we said, after you clean your skin and spray the magic (active oxygen), you can go back to your usual self-care steps.

Bioxgn created formulas that go perfectly with one another
#1 Active oxygen
#2 Collagen or vitamin serum
#3 Antirid (for under eye area)
#4 BIOXGN face cream (face & neck)
(for when you want to take you care routine up a notch)

And voila!
Your skin is healthy and glowing