First things first, the lead in this story is played by the life-supporting component - OXYGEN. It is the essence of our self-care philosophy - DUAL care, where you use oxygen on a cleaned face, so the skin can breathe, the pores open and the next product in line can be consumed by the skin to the fullest. The vision of skin perfection is, hereby, found in the DUAL component formula.

Next on, the ingredients. All the superior quality ingredients originate from Switzerland. The highest quality equals high performance on the skin.

And the scent of Bioxgn beauty, the finest perfume-infused scents are imported from Italy and are manufactured locally, in Serbia, as well as the whole brand.

You can pick your own favorite collection On one side you have the Pearly collection - pearly dust in every product meets all the needs of your skin, face & hair, combined with different herbs and collagen. On the other, soon we will present to you your summer favorite, even tho you won't be able to leave it even on winter days, the Bioxgn Golden collection - we switched pearly dust with 24k gold and made component matches that are out of this world. And also, some of those shimmer and make your skin look golden and goddess-like. *Available for PRE-ORDER NOW

The near future will bring us more collections, some of them already in the making, but we will let you fall in love with these first.

This is an everyday use kind of self-care Among so many high-end self-care brands, BIOXGN wants to mend the gap between luxury and accessible. Genuine beauty belongs to everyone. Moreover, our products come at a price suited for everyday use.

And who is Bioxgn made for? This really is everyone's cup of tea. Men and women both equally gain here when we talk about beauty and healthy-looking skin & hair.

If you're reading this, it means you know a few things about self-care and have a few beauty hacks too. Let's talk more!